Weleda deodorant based on essential oils

Weleda deodorant based on essential oils: volatile oil from plants containing fragrances and often also has antibacterial properties. Essential oil neutralizes perspiration odors and refreshes without closing the pores. Weleda deodorant is well tolerated by people with sensitive skin, allergies, eczema and sensitive to perfumes and fragrances. What does Weleda deodorants and how do you use them? What ingredients are in Weleda Deodorant and what’s just not?


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Following a ketogenic diet

A ketogenic diet is a diet which uses a lot of fats. The use of carbohydrates is deleted in the diet. In a ketogenic diet, fat is used as the main power source for the body. The liver is capable of fats – derived from stored fat diet or – to switch to ketones, which are a good fuel for your brains. The diet has – as with any diet – both proponents and opponents. In addition, the diet can be an alternative in order to keep under control epileptic seizures in children.


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12 tips to install lights

Sunlight greatly influences our mood: it blocks the synthesis of a hormone called melatonin, also known as the “sleep hormone” that plays something of a role of “regulator” of our biological clock.

Choosing the right bulbs, put lightings in the right places, arrange the furniture cleverly, choose the right colors … There are many ways to bring sunshine home. Follow the guide!

How to choose the lights?

All rooms do not demand the same lighting. Before initiating changes in your home, ask yourself first what your expectations are for each room:

The bathrooms and the dining rooms are generally parts that need to be very informed: halogen bulbs are ideal for this part.

Similarly, a too bright TV area can quickly disturb or cause headaches due to excessive stimulation of the eyes, both from lighting and bright flashes sent by the screen: there too low bulbs consumption are all indicated.


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Tips for a beautiful face


  1. Apply your care from bottom to top


Yes my fair lady, when applying the moisturizer, it is best to avoid pushing the face down (it already does very well by itself). It is a matter of weightlessness. So we start from the neck to go back to the front and center of the face to the top of the cheekbones. Push-up effect guaranteed. A small step for us, a big step to defy the laws of gravity.

  1. To avoid dark circles, consider the flow of blood

We agree that our habit was to apply the eye contour care massaging inside the eyes outward (right?). If the circles remain after being cared, better respect the lymph paths. Indeed, those nasty problems are the result of a poor circulation of blood. So now with the pulp of the index finger, perform mini-drainage by gently massaging the skin with small circular movements, pressures (and not stretching to avoid offending and add wrinkles), about ten times the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye. Then we did the same thing all around the orbit.

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How to be a fashionista without breaking the bank?

Private sales, thoughtful purchases and good addresses, here are some tips that will allow you to have a “fashionista” dressing without necessarily breaking the bank!

Take a look at all the stores, even the most “cheap”


You can buy a lot of stuff from brands that do not necessarily have a glamorous image on a fashion blog. As in reality, the vast majority of women do not have the plan to make a 100% high-end wardrobe.

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FAQs about the TENS electrotherapy units

Technical electrotherapy and physiotherapy are widely used by liberal physiotherapists. They allow better to meet the demands of patients and significantly increase the activity of the firm.

Physiotherapy and electrotherapy are an indispensable complement to the actions of conventional physiotherapy. But they also help develop the activity of welfare office (in the areas of form and aesthetics in particular) and to meet the needs of a new patient base (sports, for example).

As you probably know, electrotherapy is particularly effective for pain relief. However, despite the simplification of electro stimulation devices, many are still reluctant to adjust neuron stimulators. We offer through this article to know more, and to take full advantage of your TENS unit.

How to select TENS parameters?

TENS parameters

Three parameters are taken into account: frequency, pulse width, and intensity. We invite you to discover below the detailed explanation of each of these parameters: Read More →

How to remove acne scars

Every girl is trying to lose weight to become more attractive. However, one girl can not be beautiful if she has acne scars on her face.

Have acne, it is already not very funny, and it is possible to leave the scars … Peeling, surgery, creams and laser … All beauty treatments can help reduce or remove it.

During adolescence or adulthood, acne can leave permanent scars on the face for about 70% of those who are affected. These scars worsen if you mistreat your spots by piercing or fiddling with them.

Having lots of acne is severe and the later treatment is conducted, the greater the risk of scarring. And when the foundation fails to hide imperfections, there are cosmetic treatments that guarantee a more consistent and smoother skin.

What time is suitable for starting a cosmetic treatment against acne?


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CLOTHING TIPS to look slimmer

Most of us have ever experienced: you have just put on a nice outfit, and suddenly you realize that you are so fat. Arggg, there goes your good feelings with your outfit. That’s why I put some helpful tips clothes one by one so that you can hide your chubby body as much as possible.

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How I lost 20 Pounds in 30 Days

Weight loss is as much mental as it is diet and exercise. You should prepare for weight loss the same way you prepare for a race, a marathon not a sprint. First, you’ll need to set a realistic goal. Pick a target weight and a date that you would like to meet that goal. Second, break your goal down into smaller chunks that are easy to measure. Then, make sure you have the proper tools for success. Plan your menu before you shop for the week. If you are prepared, chances are you won’t eat something that is not on your diet. Keep an accurate bathroom scale handy and use it every morning before you start eating and drinking. It’s a good feeling to look at your scale and know you are making progress.

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My leather arm chair review

Today I am going to talk about a very common item. We all are familiar with it and it almost remains in daily use; in this article I am going to talk about Leather arm chair. We all are mostly interested in leather made items because of their dazzling look, chic and comfort.  Leather arm chair is also greatly in demand and preferred by people because of many reasons, of which some are following.

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