Taking the long way around

Dixie Chicks 2006

Friday evening Lizzi and I took the bus down to Boston. The plan was for one last Scooby sleepover before we head south for Pittsburgh, and then Julie, Lizzi, and I would take up our seats in the Garden for the Dixie Chicks show Saturday night. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. Julie came down with a vicious bug late Thursday night, and although she tried, rest was the order of the day, and she spent most of the weekend in bed. She rallied for the concert, but the noise and the crowds were just too much, and she left early, much to our dismay.

The concert itself was amazing. Natalie Maines stepped out on stage to "Hail to the Chief", looking every bit the rocker that Joan Jett ever was. Immediately the tone for the entire show was set. Like the song says, "I'm not ready to make nice/I'm not ready to back down" and the entire show from start to finish was the Chicks way of proudly giving their naysayers the middle finger. What was more fantastic is the energy running throughout the audience. Even though the Dixie Chicks fans of New England seemed relatively subdued, there was an underlying electricity, a static bond that even if everyone didn't agree with what the Dixie Chicks said in the past, they certainly shouldn't be made to feel apologetic for it now.

And those three talented women played and sang without apologies for two straight hours, a brilliant mix of old and new. "Cowboy" reminds me of when Lizzi and I had considered it for our wedding song and that to this day we are still trying to "grow something wild and unruly". Both "Long Time Gone" and "Taking the Long Way Around", just how far from home and what a different path I've taken from those I grew up with. "Lullaby", a whsiper in each other's ears before we fall asleep.

We left after the second song of a three song encore, which they opened with the increasingly relevant "Traveling Soldier", because we had to run across the street to pick up our checked bags and then run to the train station to catch our ride back to Portland. We fell asleep on the train, wrapped up in each other's arms and humming tunes from the show.