Back on the Birthday Bandwagon

Lots of stuff to talk about, and I swear it'll all make it to the page eventually, but this morning's a bit hectic. Needless to say, I went to Boston on Saturday night to see Lizzi and visit with the Boston Scoobs. Now I feel like it's my birthday. And what a great birthday it was!

It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To.

Thirteen minutes ago my first full day as a 28 year-old ended. I don't feel any older, but I've felt kinda sad all day. I'm not pulling a Sixteen Candles here; everyone remembered my birthday with cards and all. Somehow Lizzi managed to mail a card so it arrived today. I have no idea how she did it; somedays I swear she's a little bit magic like that. And believe me, I was grinning from ear to ear as I tore open the card. But despite the little thrills, I've felt a little bummed all day. Tonight I met up with Dan and Steph for a drink before I went to see Syriana. It was fine, fun even, and it's not like Dan and Steph aren't friends. They are, but I miss having my best friends in the whole wide world here with me to celebrate. There I said it. I miss my friends on my birthday.

Happy Birthday Dear Me-e, Happy Birthday Dear Me

The big day is finally here. I don't feel any older. I don't think I look any older. But regardless, the day is still here. I'm 28 today.

Unfortunately Lizzi is in Boston tonight suffering in a bar exam prep course, but she more than made up for her absence by surprising me on Tuesday night with the most amazing birthday (observed) meal. Every year she always tries to take me out or make a dish that only I could love. And this year was no exception. I knew that she was making some macaroni and cheese that night. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but what shocked my senses when I walked through the door was that the mac & cheese was being served with a full rack of barbecued ribs, 2 pounds of pulled pork, a pound of barbecued beef brisket, cole slaw, jalapeno cornbread with honey butter, and gobs! Does she know me or what? It was the best birthday (observed) EVER!

Adventures in Moving In

It's hard to believe that we left Maine over a week ago. What's still harder to believe is that all of our household goods are still trapped in Maine! We've spent the past week camping out in our apartment. Over the weekend we were able to empty out the storage unit we had in Pittsburgh and retrieved our second bed. I wish I could express how good it felt to lay down on that soft, fluffy mattress. According to our moving agent all of our worldly possessions should be on a truck to Pittsburgh next week, a whole week AFTER they were supposed to arrive. Regardless, I'll just be happy to get them and finish the process of settling in. Meanwhile I've begun my graduate student experience. Currently I feel well-oriented. Last week the school put on its general grad student orientation, complete with Clippership booze cruise that was more cruise than booze. This week is my program's orientation, and tomorrow we will be broken in our project teams for the remainder of the program. I can't believe I'm back at school. I'm so not looking forward to homework.

Our last day with Suzie

Today is our last day with Suzie. We've had her for over six years, but it's finally time for us to move on. Some of our best memories happened inside this trusty friend: our 6-week road trip after graduating from college, the moment when we decided that we were totally committed to each other despite an impending long-distance relationship, the moment when Lizzi realized that a diamond ring was tagging along for the ride. Like a true friend Suzie's been a huge part of our lives, and we are sad to see her go. We know that she will be in a better place, one where oil changes occur every 3,000 miles and not whenever we feel like it; a place where car washes are free and more often than once a year. We love her like she's a part of the family, and we will miss her terribly.