Catching up with an old friend


Today I met up with Court for the first time since moving back to Pittsburgh. We met at the Regent Square theater with Jeremy and a few of their friends to see Renaissance (great concept; trite and cliche story). After the flick, Court and I went back to his place and caught up on the past five months. At one point, we started talking about our 10-year high school reunion that failed to materialize. He pulled our senior yearbook down from the bookshelf, and we flipped through the class photos, trying to see if we knew what happened to most of our friends from back then. Sadly, we had no clue about most of them. It wasn't long before we started reading through some of the notes friends had written over ten years ago. And that's when I got the idea for a new blog project:

Over the course of the winter break, I will post a new comment from my senior year book (as often as I remember). Some of them should be good for a laugh or two.

Underworld: Evolution

After setting aside the yearbook, we sat back and watched Underworld: Evolution, a decent sequel with plenty of hot vampire-on-werewolf action.